What’s an award-winning children’s book author doing playing poker?

Simple: he loves it. In the last year and a half he has won 7 un-televised events and made 19 final tables. One of them was a World Poker Tour event at the Aviation Club de France in Paris in which he placed fourth.

On this site you can read poker articles that Tim ‘Dr. Hope’ Anders has written. You can check out books that he has written and even read several of them online for free.

Do you know who Courtney Friel is?
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Starting Hand Requirements I’m going to tell you the most important thing about Hold’em: location, location, location; no wait, that’s real estate...
Gathering Information or How to Overtip The Cocktail Waitress
In the spirit of constantly
Reading the Board Here is a simple exercise that I recommend for new players. Take a 52 card deck, shuffle it
  The Math: How You Too Can Be a Mathter Poker Player Math--I hate math. 2 times 2 is 4. (Or is it 2 times 2
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