Pumping Iron
A Traveling Poker Player's 10 Minute Hotel Room Workout

Why Is An Award-Winning Children’s Book Author/ Poker Professional Writing An Exercise Book?

Simple: to help anyone who travels stay in shape with a simple 10 minute hotel room workout.

With the aid of a personal trainer with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, children’s book author/ poker professional, Dr. Hope, J.A.P.D. (Just A Pretend Doctor) has written a delightfully humorous and informative book that will keep you in shape while you are on the road.

World Poker Host, Courtney Friel demonstrates these exercises in high quality full color photographs.  176 pages of what you need to know to stay in shape while traveling.  Also: a bonus section on how to play No Limit Texas Hold’em.

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Dr. Hope’s Pumping Iron: A Traveling Poker Player’s 10 Minute Hotel Room Workout today!

To see more of Courtney Friel,
check out her web site.


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